The Ultimate Guide To Programming Robots

The Definitive Guide To Building Java Robots  

The Definitive Guide

Learn exactly what you need to know to program a PC Robot with Windows or Linux!

This book teaches you how to use a solid reliable OPEN SOURCE ROBOTICS API!. This book is still going strong after 12 years!

Robot Blog Summary

Ubuntu Robotics Book

I've created an Extra for Robotics Programming 101 called Ubuntu Robotics.

Serial Port Programming

I am going to talk about accessing the serial port via Java or via an HTTP/Serial Bridge. Accessing serial ports is the preferred method of communication to microcontrollers like the Basic Stamp 2, or Arduino.

Electronics I've Built

Here's some various electronics I've built over the years to help me with my robotics.

Ubuntu Robotics - An Introduction

The last few robots I’ve had to set-up the exact same thing, the exact same way, and I thought I would share it. With the combination of these steps you can have a robot like Feynman Jr. 2 (Jr2) or Feynman 7 (F7).

Added New Robot

Feynman Jr 2I've added a new robot Feynman Jr. 2. The goal of this robot is to follow me around.

Book Review - Robot Building For Beginners

A great introduction to robotics. If you're going to start building robots, get this book today!

Stereo Vision with Ubuntu

I've long had a problem with using two web cameras at the same time in Windows and Linux. But now I've solved the problem and have Stereo Vision on my robot, Feynman 7.

Need A Robot Brain?

Of all the things I wish I could have purchased off-the-shelf, it would have been a brain.

Computer Vision Book / Face Recognition

Another idea that I've been working on is creating a book that's about computer vision.

Coming Soon A New Robotics Book

I am in the process of creating another book on robotics programming. Simpler, easier to read and use, including a DVD with all the source code and a Virtual Machine.

Scott's Robots


An upgrade from the original CubeBot designed back in 2004.

Feynman Jr. 2

An upgraded refined version of Feynman Jr. The goal of Jr. #2 is to follow me around.


This is a robot I created for the CRB (Columbus Ruby Brigade). It demon-straits some of the basic robotic principles: movement and visual recognition.

Feynman 7

This is an upgrade form Feynman 6, it is still in progress but contains 2 eyes and an arm.


This will a test platform for Feynman. The main reason for his creation is power supply issues and transportation issues with the current version of Feynman.

There are also several problems with the supported Java APIs, mainly sun has abandon them: Java Communications and Java Media Framework.


This was my first robot. A remote control car and some simple electronics acting as a primitive sensor.


This robot was the begining of my love and facination with robotics. Here I learned the power of hacking a servo, building my own sensors, and programming and controlling it via PC.

This robot is also featured at Robots.Net.

Baby Joe 1

For this robot I wanted it to be controlled via a MicroController. I choose the Parallax Basic Stamp 2. I used much of the same parts from the previous robot (TetherBot) but purchased some additional hardware for this chassis.

This robot is also featured at Robots.Net.

Baby Joe 2

This robot is just a chassis upgrade of the previous robot (Baby Joe).


This was my first PC Robot. Here I had real sonars, real motors, real processing power!

This robot is also featured at Robots.Net.