Built: 2004-05-01 00:00:00
Some guys at work were running around the parking lot with these little plastic cars. So one week-end I decided to modify Feynman into and Battle Bot minus the weapon.

This bot actually moved about as fast in the short term as the cars. I did run over one but because of the STAR design of the robot I found it quite limited and poor to maneuver. Something I would correct in later robots.


Chassis: 80-20 Aluminum Extrusion
(2) Fenders from Tractor Supply.
Power: 12VDC 33AH Battery
Movement: (2) Windsheild wiper motors from F-150 from junkyard $30.
(2) Victor 883 Speed Controllers. (IFI Robotics cost of $150/ea ($300 total).
Sensors: None.
CPU/OS: None.
Other Info: 100% Remote Controlled.
Software Info:

Other Robot Info

Some More Photos of Stan

From the top.
From the side.
From the front.