Built: 2001-10-10 00:00:00
Baby Joe 2
This robot is just a chassis upgrade of the previous robot (Baby Joe).


Chassis: Aluminum and acrylic 1/8\" sheets from Lowes. (about $5.00)
Power: Basic Stamp II = 4 x \"D\" cell providing 6VDC regulated by a 5VDC Regulator from Radio Shack. There will also be a switch to function as a global on/off power switch.
Movement: 2 \"Hacked\" Futaba 3003 DC Servo Motors. The hack I used was to replace the potentiometer with a voltage divider consisting of two 1/4 watt 2.2k resistors. 2 - continuous rotation servos (Parallax) $13/each. 4 - 1/4 watt resistors Jameco, Radio Shack, etc. $0.99 per 100
Sensors: 2 Hi-Output IR LED\'s from Radio Shack part number (276-143) $1.79 each and 1 Sharp 40 kHz IR Receiver Module part number(?).
CPU/OS: Basic Stamp 2 / PBasic 1.0
Other Info:

Basic Stamp I/O

Pin # Function
0 Servo 1 - Left Motor
1 Servo 2 - Right Motor
2 IR LED - Left Front
3 IR LED - Right Front
4 Spare
5 Spare
6 IR Detector Circuit
7 Spare
8 Spare
9 Spare
10 Spare
11 Spare
12 Spare
13 Spare
14 Spare
15 Spare
Software Info:

Other Robot Info

This is a cleaner version of Baby Joe. Just a new chassis, that's it. Two things to note:
  • Because the eyes are spread farther apart, he is much more adept at avoiding things.
  • The robot is also more stable because I moved the wheels back, though it creates a little more drag on the motors.
Side View
Again I used the no 3rd wheel system. This did not present any problems and kept the bot's profile low.
Front View
Because the eyes were farther apart, the bot was better able to avoid things..

Top / Inside View

The acrylic made it much easier to moint the PCBs on!