The Definitive Guide To Building Java Robots.

The Definitive Guide To Building Java Robots

The Definitive Guide To Building Java Robots

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I have moved the source code for the book to Github. From there you can join the development team, enter support request, join forums, and much more.

Check out the review at Robots.Net - By Jim Brown

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Table of Contents

  1. A Primer - Here I talk about some of the basics of robotics like a Micro Controllers, your IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Java Basics, etc.
  2. Serial Communication - Here I talk about using the Java Communications API and use with a USB Adapter
  3. Motion - Here I talk about using motors and servo controllers for drive systems and using robotic arms
  4. Sensors - Here I talk about using sonar, infrared, and a digital compass. I also talk about how you interface these with a Java program using serial communications.
  5. Speech - Here I talk about using Java Speech API, Free TTS (Text-To-Speech) and wrapping the Microsoft Text-To-Speech implementation and the Microsoft Speech Recognizer.
  6. Vision - Here I cover the basics of machine vision, and use a color matching mechanism that takes the ratios of colors into consideration for identifying cans of Coke, Pepsi, and 7-UP.
  7. Navigation - Here I talk about simple navigation, indoor navigation using graph theory, and outdoor navigation using GPS
  8. Other Topics - Here IU add other things like MySQL, Groovy scripting, ANT, using a task scheduler or CRON to scheduled task for your robot
  9. Sample Programs - Here I create some sample software combining all of the software from the other chapters.


  1. Definitive Guide API (Author's Software)
  2. Microcontroller Reference
  3. Robot Parts Reference

Tips & Updates

Chapter 2

Chapter 6

Updated API

I have been working on an updated API and complete software suite for programming robots in Java using a combination of Java, PHP, JavaScript, and .Net (C#). I have talked about some things in various articles on this site, but plan on releasing more as I get the time. Please contact me if you would like to know more information about this.


Here are some links to sites I reference in the book.