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Electronics I've Built

Here's some various electronics I've built over the years to help me with my robotics.

Added New Robot

Feynman Jr 2I've added a new robot Feynman Jr. 2. The goal of this robot is to follow me around.

Need A Robot Brain?

Of all the things I wish I could have purchased off-the-shelf, it would have been a brain.

Computer Vision Book / Face Recognition

Another idea that I've been working on is creating a book that's about computer vision.

Coming Soon A New Robotics Book

I am in the process of creating another book on robotics programming. Simpler, easier to read and use, including a DVD with all the source code and a Virtual Machine.

Want to Build A Robot in 10 minutes?

I was thinking of making a kit and assembly instruction video on building a robot in 10 minutes.

Updated 2 Robots

I have updated Feynman Jr and Feynman 7.

Updated Site

Well after a year or so I have updated the look and feel of the site.

Feynman Jr. and Carnot at CodeMash

I was able to take Feynman Jr. and Carnot to CodeMash The conference was awesome and I learned a little about my robots during the event.

Been working on new robot and API

I have been working on a smaller version of a robot than Feynman 6, called Feynman Jr. I have also begun to refactor my Java API so that it will work with my new robots.

Voltage Measurement for your Robot

For those Basic Stamp 2 users out there. Just use RCTIME with a simple circuit. Depending on the values of your capacitor and resistors you can equate your RCTIME value to your voltage.

Feynman6 at COJUG

I talked about my robot Feynman6 at the Central Ohio Java Users group on Tuesday March 13, 2007.

Added Store

Go to my new online store.

JavaRobots Project

I have added the JavaRobots project at SourceForge.

My Books

Robotics Programming 101

Robotics Programming 101

Robotics Programming 101 shows how program a real robot, speech, vision, more...

Ubuntu Robotics - A Robotics Programming 101 Extra

Ubuntu Robotics - A Robotics Programming 101 Extra

This extra highlights all of the Ubuntu specific robotics configuration details in Robotics Programming 101.

Only $0.99 on Amazon.Com

Motion Detection - A Robotics Programming 101 Extra

Motion Detection - A Robotics Programming 101 Extra

This extra shows you how to write a motion detector for your robot with a network or web camera.

Only $0.99 on Amazon.Com

The Definitive Guide To Building Java Robots

The Definitive Guide to Building Java Robots

This was my first book on robotics and using the Java Language to interface between sensors, motors and microcontrollers with a PC capable of doing speech and vision.