Feynman Jr. and Carnot at CodeMash

by Scott Preston - 2008-01-20 12:31:18
I learned that Feynman Jr. has a longer battery life than I thought. In short, it never ran low and was able to stay running during the entire presentation with a full charge, this is moving the robot around via remote and having the PC on entire time.

I had a few bugs with the C# Serial-HTTP bridge. As it turned out, this program bombed about 3 times during the demo and caused Feynman Jr. to run wildly and not stop.

Also the motors for Feynman Jr. are a little too powerful for the kind of fine motor maneuvers needed for orientation (i.e. pointing north) as it turns out the motors on Feynman6 work much better for such movements.

Carnot worked just find though I am not sure of my vision algorithms, I think they work OK, but have too much error to be reliable and consistent.