Installing UBUNTU on a Compact Flash

by Scott Preston - 2007-05-08 14:00:54

The installation of UBUNTU on the compact flash was not that difficult, but it took me 3 tries.

  1. Ubuntu 6.10-Desktop VGA set to 1024x768-16 - Not enough space on my 2GB Flash.
  2. Ubuntu 6.10-Server  VGA set to 1024x768-16 -  Strange Errors "Unknown Interrupt or fault at EIP...".
  3. Ubuntu 6.10-Alternate VGA set to 1024x768-16 - Slow but it installed and restarted.
  4. I removed my install CD-ROM and modified the /etc/apt/sources file by commenting out the CD-ROM as the first place to look for install packages.
  5. I installed SSH - sudo apt-get install ssh openssh-server.


Part Info all purchased from NewEgg.Com for $237.70 including shipping. (SEE BELOW FOR UPDATES)

  1. MB VIA EPIA M10000 CLE266 VIA C3 - $149.99
  2. SANDISK COMPACT FLASH 2GB (Ultra 2) - $68.99 (now much less)
  3. SYBA SD-CF-IDE-DI IDE to Compact Flash Adapter - $9.99

Notes on the IDE Adapter: I have external power jumper selected, 5VDC vs. 3.3, and it's in Master/Single mode.

I have not had any problems with this solution, if you have any problems or updates to this, add a comment. Or if there is a version of Ubuntu or other Linux distro you would like information on, please leave a comment.

Here's some updated parts you can purchase directly from

Substitute Motherboard, Compact Flash, and IDE Adapter